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Open hotels with the best team!

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Open hotels with the best team!

People all over the world need to get away, and they want to have fun. They travel for business or pleasure, and they want to take a break from the daily grind or do something fancy. It's up to you to build the most comfortable hotels for them!

Manage Monica and Ted and help them ensure your guests' complete satisfaction. Upgrade every hotel - make them more comfortable, interesting, and attractive. You'll get love and recognition from all the peoples of the world!

You'll need to react quickly to your customers' requests, set priorities, and serve everyone in a timely fashion. Time's up - there are no more requests.

Is it a win? You did great - let's keep going! Couldn't get it on the first time? You can try again and use boosters that make the level easier.
Will your adventure begin in a cozy American hotel, and where will the story lead? Let's find out!

• Open hotels!

Travel around the world, discover new places, and meet fascinating guests.

• Fill orders on time!

Get into the time-management groove! React to your guests' whims in a timely way, set priorities, and delight your customers.

• Serve guests

Every hotel should have delicious food. Cook dishes for your guests: pasta, delicious coffee, green tea, pizza, sushi - whatever they want!

• Get likes!

Your guests will express their gratitude by giving you likes. The more quickly you fill an order, the more recognition and love you'll get!

• Upgrade!

You can upgrade your stations - get coins and gems for completing levels and spend them on hotel upgrades.

• Use boosters!

They don't just help you complete levels - they're fun too! Launch fireworks into the sky - make your guests jump for joy!

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